Call Complete Steam Clean for Water Damage Restoration and Flood Damage

You come home from vacation to water damage or flood in your home – what do you do?

For most people, a call to your insurance company is your gut-instinct. Those who have dealt with insurance companies for water damage restoration and flood  in the past are probably all too familiar with lengthy timelines to restore these damages and above all –  how FRUSTRATING the process can be!

The Good News! There are other options when it comes to water damage restoration and flood damage in your home!

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait for the insurance company:

  • If you are on your second claim for water damage your insurance provider WILL NOT renew your insurance, therefore resulting in higher premium with another company!
  • Insurance companies can often take several weeks, sometimes even months, to approve a claim for restoration. If your claim is denied – Complete Steam Clean can help!
  • If you prefer to not put your flood/water damage claim through insurance, our small flood clean-up cost is typically under $2000.

The benefits of working with Complete Steam Clean!

  • Complete Steam Clean will cancel other jobs to prioritize flood jobs
  • We are available within 4 hours of your call to come out for an assessment
  • Our cost is a quarter of the cost the insurance company will charge your
  • Work is scheduled and done immediately – no waiting – no frustration!

Call Complete Steam to assist you with water damage restoration and flood! 519-999-5297