Protect your Investment, have your leather cleaned today!
leather cleaningLeather furniture is an excellent investment and adds a touch of class to your home. Most cleaning products on the market are not appropriate for leather and may break down leather finishes, leading to dryness and cracking. So when your leather acquires a stain, Complete Steam Clean offers a safe and effective dual cleaning technique for leather cleaning than with regular cleaning, Complete Steam Clean can prevent undue wear and leaves your leather looking like new again!

The number one, most important maintenance step to make your leather furniture last longer, IS Moisturize! Our professionals have a specialized leather cleaning kit with products that will not only clean your leather but also moisturize and protect to keep it from drying out and cracking prematurely.

What to Expect from our Leather Cleaning Service?

  • Identify your furniture’s leather types and select products specifically designed to clean and remove soil buildups and other stain causing elements
  • Condition and protect your leather to revitalize and replenish its natural beauty and feel
  • Leather wiped down with a dry towel to remove any dry soils, oils, and grease
  • Leather cleaner is applied by hand using a clean, white terrycloth towel. This creates the agitation that loosens soils, oils and greases
  • The product then requires dwell time to suspend soils and lift them to the surface causing the product to haze
  • Buffed with a special leather cleaning mitt that collects excess oils, soils and greases.
  • Leather conditioner is applied with a clean terrycloth. This fills in the small cracks in the leather that have dried out and moisturizes the leather. Conditioner protects against future cracking and gives the leather a softer touch.

Our 4 common problems:

  • Oils and Grease – Body oils from people and animals are easily transferred and seep into parts of leather furniture that get a lot of use, causing serious damage to the furniture’s protective finish.
  • Atmospheric Soils – Dust particles as well as airborne cooking oils and invisible air pollutants produced by common home activities eventually find their way onto leather furniture and cause problems.
  • Common Soils – Soils including common dirt, sand and fibers from plants are tracked into the home by adults, kids and pets, attaching to the leather every time the furniture is used.
  • Dyes and Inks – A leaky pen, the ink from a newspaper and the dyes from fabrics like denim are among the ways that inks and dyes can be transferred to leather furniture and can be hard to remove without damaging the surface.

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