We know how important your animals are – we are avid animal lovers ourselves. For that very reason, we have only selected effective cleaning solutions that are pet-safe. We know every member of your family is important, including those with a bit more hair then the rest!

As you can imagine, Steam Cleaning is mainly composed of only steam, and in other words water which is perfectly fine for your animals. We also mix in a small amount of concentrated cleaning solution which is also pet-safe for maximum effectiveness.

See the Difference!

cages-199x300If you have animals, you know they shed fur but we can help! To the left you can see an image of two dog cages which were stored on carpet. The animals in these cages were short haired breeds (a black lab and a german shepherd), and were adolescent dogs. This is a small amount of hair they shed but you can see after a couple months it really built up and wouldn’t come out with regular vacuuming or scrubbing. Our powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment was able to quickly blast the mess and leave the carpet fresh and good as the day it was installed.

If you have pets, we can remove irritating odours and restore your carpets and furniture to their original state!



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