Are carpet cleaning chemicals harmful to children or pets?

NO!!! We use environmentally safe chemicals to clean carpets, so that the cleaner and others at the business or residence are not exposed to toxic chemicals. The “green” cleaning agents are also safe for the cleaner to handle. It is important for the cleaners to follow the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification standards when using “green” products. These standards can be ordered online at Also, carpets can be thoroughly cleaned using high temperatures (up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit) and mild chemical agents which are removed from the carpet with a rinse agent.

Can all Stains be removed?

That is the million dollar question and the difference between a happy customer and a dissatisfied one. Most food, drink and dirt always come out. Of course there are permanent stains that can never be removed and should be addressed by your carpet cleaning professional once he looks at it. Pet urine stains, any type of artificially colored stains and many others are nearly impossible to remove but can be lightened. I do my best to eliminate all Stains.

Can I walk on the carpet as soon as it has been cleaned?

Yes you can, however we recommend that you allow a reasonable amount of time for the carpet to dry before putting it back into full use as this will limit the amount of dirt that may be attracted to damp carpet from your shoes or feet. On request we can provide you with shoe/feet covers to minimize the risk. Wait at least 4 hours before vacuuming.

How much better can a professional clean my carpets than doing it myself?

Equipment and what type of chemical being used is a huge factor when cleaning carpets. There is nothing on the consumer level that can give you the type of cleaning power and suction you need to do the job right. Then there is the experience factor that only someone in the business can provide to give you the quality of cleaning you need. I know how to treat stains properly, where as some using a product that only makes things worse.

How much does Carpet Cleaning cost?

Carpet cleaning costs vary from company to company. Some companies charge by square footage and others by the rooms they are cleaning. I would always ask about referrals and if they have a list of what they do to prepare your carpets for cleaning and what type of system do they use. Pricing usually is very close and competitive but the level of service and customer satisfaction should always overshadow a few dollars. Beware if it’s too cheap it reflects on the Job quality!!!

Is a truck Mount or portal unit best for cleaning carpets?

A truck mount cleans at temperatures of excess of 220, which loosens the dirt and a better cleaning job! A portable cleans at a temp of your hot water tank, leaving your carpets still dirty and wet. Truck mount units have a PSI of 1500, compared to 300 PSI, How fast the steam is sprayed out. The suction of a Truck mount is 23 horse power compare to a vacuum cleaner… BIG difference if you want all the dirt and water out of your carpet!! Plus the portable weight about 40 pounds. Over all the satisfaction is Night and DAY!! .

What can I expect from Complete Steam Clean?

What you can expect:

  • A professional cleaning technician will visit your home when it’s convenient for you.
  • Pre-inspection of area to be cleaned will be completed. Treat any stains that are pointed out.
  • Area to be cleaned will be pre-treated to loosen dirt and soil.
  • High-powered extraction and pH balancing fiber rinse to remove dirt and cleaning.
  • After we finish cleaning your carpet, we review the entire job with you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction. If not, we’ll fix it right then.
  • We want you to be completely satisfied before we leave your home.
What is the best way to prepare my carpet for a professional cleaning?

The best thing to do to prepare your carpet is too have as much furniture removed off the carpet as possible. Having it vacuumed is #1 to have a clean carpet.

What is the normal drying time after carpets are steam cleaned?

Typically, if there is ventilation in the room or it is a warm day, anywhere from 1-4 hrs depending on what type of carpet and conditions

What should I watch out for when looking for a carpet cleaning service on the Internet?

When researching a carpet cleaning service, you should see if they have people who you can call that you have serviced prior and if they are licensed and insured. How many years in the business and is it owner operated or not. Usually, if its owner operated there is a level of pride they go along with owning your own business and running it as well.